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Years of Psoriasis Inflammation Can Fuel Lasting, Treatment-Resistant Depression in Women

Do you enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles? For many patients, depression is a puzzle, but research and modern tools are revealing solutions. If you are a woman with psoriasis and persistent depression, new insight could help you connect your health situation’s unique jigsaw pieces. The Link Between Long-Term Psoriasis and Depression in Women Recent study findings […]

Could Our Convenient Therapy Help You Address Multiple Treatment-Resistant Conditions?

You hold power in your hands right now, and it’s not just because you’re likely reading this on a mobile device. Indeed, you have the power to change your life’s trajectory and push back against treatment-resistant conditions that have hampered your freedom and overall well-being for too long. What Are Treatment-Resistant Conditions? Currently, treatment-resistant is […]

Can Reducing Your TRD With This Modern Therapy Boost Your Overall Health?

As we journey through life, most of us experience ups and downs. During your upbeat times, have you ever noticed how feeling positive also helps you feel well? Recently at WIN TMS, we read some illuminating facts from a large, significant study that showed links between treatment resistant depression and your overall health. If you […]

This Sound Could Finally End Your Treatment Resistant Depression

Sound waves fill our world, and some carry more weight than others. For example, we deeply understand a siren’s alarm-raising pitch, and we immediately pay attention when a baby cries. Now, if the sounds commonly associated with happiness do not lift your spirits and you would like to proactively address that issue, we invite you […]

What Is TMS Therapy?

Happy New Year! As we share that common greeting, we recognize happiness can feel fleeting and even unattainable. If you face treatment-resistant depression, you may wonder if you will feel happy this year. We write today to share hope. We Offer TMS Therapy For depression that resists other treatment regimens, our practice offers TMS therapy. […]

Can Your Business Thrive If You’re Depressed?

  There’s no question that depression can take a toll on your personal life, but did you know it can also impact your business? Depression can lead to decreased productivity, difficulty making decisions, and even problems with customer relations. If you’re feeling depressed, it may be time to seek treatment. In this blog post, we will […]