Can Reducing Your TRD With This Modern Therapy Boost Your Overall Health?

As we journey through life, most of us experience ups and downs. During your upbeat times, have you ever noticed how feeling positive also helps you feel well?

Recently at WIN TMS, we read some illuminating facts from a large, significant study that showed links between treatment resistant depression and your overall health. If you or someone you know lives with TRD, reading about this study could positively impact your life.

What This New Study Reveals

The critical study was published in JAMA Psychiatry in December 2022. Its researchers reviewed over 12,500 cases of treatment resistant depression, and they found, compared to other types of depression:

  • TRD doubles the likelihood a person will need outpatient care.
  • TRD triples the duration of inpatient care.
  • TRD raises a person’s chance of death by 23%.

If you are a data-guided person, we invite you to review a summary of the study’s findings.

More importantly, let’s talk about what to do now that you are aware of what this study says. After all, it’s a study, not a verdict.

What Can You Do?

The study also says TRD causes people to

  • Experience more anxiety
  • Feel more stress
  • Lose more sleep
  • Miss more work

Of course, if this tough-to-shake type of depression is part of your life, we have a hunch those details may not sound exactly like news to you. Thankfully, we do have positive news, so we encourage you not to feel stuck with treatment resistant depression.  With our modern technology at WIN TMS, we treat depression head-on with a solution that could reboot your life.

This Isn’t Magic. It’s Magnets.

As experienced providers of depression relief, we appreciate your situation. Your personal depression experience may have caused you to wonder if you’ve already pursued all of your available options. Crucially, our comfortable facilities offer a different approach to treating your uniquely persistent depression.

We provide transcranial magnetic stimulation. Wonderfully, this modern depression therapy involves:

  • No pills
  • Just a small electromagnet
  • Positive results for most patients

When you visit us, we use our TMS machine to apply repetitive electromagnetic pulses to your brain’s motor cortex through your cranium. That sounds like it’s from a sci-fi movie, but it simply means that:

  • Our technology addresses the location in the brain where treatment resistant depression originates.
  • We can help your brain’s motor, in a sense, find the right speed.
  • Once this happens, depression can finally diminish.

How Might TMS Therapy Improve Your TRD?

We know we said this isn’t magic earlier. For many of our patients though, our handheld electromagnet is like a powerful magic wand. Within a relatively short period of time, they notice

  1. Remarkably reduced depression symptoms
  2. In some cases, eliminated depression symptoms

Since the introduction of transcranial magnetic stimulation during the previous decade, 80% of patients notice improvement, and over 60% attain full remission of depression symptoms. In short, your odds of success with this modern treatment are good.

What Are Other Possible Benefits From TMS?

Of course, every situation is different, but it is possible to remove antidepressant medication from the equation after a transcranial magnetic stimulation series. Always consult your doctor before stopping any medication. Likelier outcomes include:

  • A reduction in chronic pain
  • Less anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Smoking less
  • Fewer migraines

Let This Study Help You Boost Your Health

One of this study’s coauthors, Dr. Johan Lundberg, said, “The findings show that TRD was associated with higher disease burden with respect to health care resource utilization, lost workdays, intentional self-harm, and mortality.” Still, we remind you this is not a verdict. It’s an opportunity. By treating your depression with TMS therapy, you can reverse its many negative impacts. As a result, your body’s disease burden will very likely diminish. That’s certainly a health boost! Naturally, the potential need for accessing healthcare facilities should lessen, too. And the likelihood of missed work or self-harm can be substantially reduced. Our modern therapy is easy to access.

Just How Easy Is TMS, Really?

Patients regularly tell us they’re amazed. Treatment for this enduring form of depression is now convenient and easy. You simply arrive for your appointment at one of our three Milwaukee-area locations five times a week for several weeks. Treatment usually takes six or eight weeks. Our staff will ensure you’re comfortable, and you can bring something to read or watch during each noninvasive session. The sessions last about 20 minutes.

Most patients:

  • Hear repetitive clicks or pops as the machine pulses
  • Report no pain during the procedure
  • Can drive afterward
  • Experience mild side effects, if any

Now that transcranial magnetic stimulation is well-established, most health insurance companies cover it, too. That fact makes it even easier to try this powerful treatment method. Do you want to explore just how easy reversing your TRD might be? Could it boost your overall health? Our empathetic staff members are ready to consult with you and answer your questions at WIN TMS.

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