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Could Our Convenient Therapy Help You Address Multiple Treatment-Resistant Conditions?

You hold power in your hands right now, and it’s not just because you’re likely reading this on a mobile device. Indeed, you have the power to change your life’s trajectory and push back against treatment-resistant conditions that have hampered your freedom and overall well-being for too long.

What Are Treatment-Resistant Conditions?

Currently, treatment-resistant is a term we usually attach to depression, and addressing treatment-resistant depression is certainly our practice’s expertise. As the phrase implies, treatment-resistant conditions persist despite your attempts to address them along with a healthcare professional.

Some important conditions that may resist traditional treatment methods include

  • Anxiety
  • OCD
  • ADHD

Research in recent years has shown links between these conditions and depression.

Our Caring Staff Holds Power in Their Hands, Too

At WIN TMS, our trained technicians expertly provide transcranial magnetic stimulation. Those are big words, but they offer you relief if you are trying to overcome treatment-resistant depression and any of the three conditions we’ve just mentioned.

During a TMS session, our techs apply gentle electromagnetic pulses to the region of your head where your brain’s motor cortex is located. With TRD, the trouble is often the brain’s motor running at the wrong speed. These TMS pulses sync your motor cortex to the right speed.

As a result of this speed adjustment, 80% of patients experience improvement with their TRD. More importantly, 60% enjoy complete remission of their depression symptoms.

By relieving treatment-resistant depression, you can begin to focus on your related conditions. Crucially, TMS may help you address those conditions, too.

How Can TMS Improve Anxiety?

Have you encountered obstacles in treating your anxiety and depression? A convenient TMS regimen can have positive effects on your life. It is not uncommon to experience anxiety if you also face depression. Multiple studies have linked the two conditions.

If you have previously sought other treatments for depression, WIN TMS may be your answer for depression and anxiety. Imagine yourself feeling more positive and calmer only several weeks from now.

Can People Who Face OCD Benefit From TMS?

According to the International OCD Foundation, up to half of all people with OCD experience depression. Often, persistent depression creates an OCD-treatment barrier. It prevents patients from focusing on their strategies and goals related to treating OCD.

You may have personally experienced segments of your life when OCD and depression seemed to feed each other. Fortunately, a solution to that unwelcome synergy exists.

If we first improve your treatment-resistant depression, you can get to a place where your unique OCD situation can be addressed in a healthy fashion. What will improving your unique situation entail? The path starts with your first WIN TMS session.

How Might TMS Help a Person Who Experiences ADHD?

If your life features ADHD, according to Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, there’s about a 20% chance you also endure depression. We understand that ADHD is complex at WIN TMS, and you deserve to manage your ADHD as you see fit. Treatment-resistant depression can only stand in the way of engaging with your ADHD.

When you relieve your depression with TMS, you may be more likely to adequately approach your ADHD needs. We can answer any questions you may have about your individual treatment path at WIN TMS.

Changing Your Life’s Trajectory With Us Is Convenient

Often, conditions like those we have been discussing today try to take control of life. At WIN TMS, we offer you the chance to say, “Enough!” And you can do it easily.

When you arrive at one of our three local offices for your appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. They will get you comfortable in our TMS chair, and

  • Your session will last about 20 minutes.
  • The process is non-invasive and comfortable.
  • You can read a book or stream a show.

Our convenient treatment programs usually provide initial results within two weeks of daily sessions. Usually, we recommend five sessions per week for six or eight weeks.

Now, It’s Time to Use Your Power

When life puts challenges in the way, recognizing that we are powerful can sometimes be hard. At WIN TMS, we believe in your power, and we encourage you to use it.

Several weeks from now, you could enjoy a nicely improved outlook on life, so reach out to us today. We’ll listen.

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