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New Research Shows Depression Treatment Improves Your Brain’s Connections

A life spent with treatment-resistant depression can train you to believe that some things just don’t change, especially big things. Your brain is certainly a big thing. Its dynamic structures transmit your thoughts and hold your essence.

Today, we want to share recent news that your brain can change. Specifically, new research shows that treating depression increases the brain’s connections.

When the subject is the brain, improved connectivity is a positive development.

What Are the Key Details Here?

Last October, a group of German scientists announced their important findings at a conference in Vienna, and we invite you to read about it. Notably:

  • Most scientists previously thought the brain’s structure was too rigid to change rapidly.
  • The study featured 109 participants with serious depression compared to 55 control participants.
  • After treatment for depression, MRI results showed an increase in brain connections.
  • Participants who responded better to treatment gained the most connections.

Hope is sometimes a stranger when you face treatment-resistant depression. Those new details reveal hope could be a friend again.

Your Brain Is Alive, After All

Here’s a helpful way to frame this new research. When we eat, we nourish our bodies and give them energy. To build new muscle, we exercise. Likewise, when you provide depression treatment to your brain, new connections form.

The Important Milestone Is Six Weeks

According to this study’s team, the brain’s structure changes once you have treated your depression for about six weeks.

We offer a unique solution to treatment-resistant depression that lasts between six and eight weeks at WIN TMS. Called transcranial magnetic stimulation, this modern therapy resets your brain’s timing by gently applying a small device to your cranium. Our approach is

  • As convenient as visiting the dentist
  • Covered by most health plans
  • Drug-free

Each weekday, your brief appointment with us will feel like an uplifting segment of a self-improvement project. Your several weeks will pass quickly.

Your Answer to Treatment-Resistant Depression

Soon, your TRD could be resolved, and you could experience empowering benefits within your brain. To learn more about the popular, compassionate treatment we offer at WIN TMS, connect with us today.

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