Self-Esteem’s Connection to Depression

Our beliefs about ourselves are powerful. When pursuing goals, a belief can be a major reason we succeed or fail.

Your beliefs about yourself significantly impact your self-esteem, as well.

Research has demonstrated that low self-esteem often lays the groundwork for depression. One example, published by Frontiers in Psychiatry, studied high school students in Vietnam. According to that study’s researchers, “An association among lower self-esteem and increased anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation was detected.”

Clearly, low self-esteem and depression can perpetuate a vicious cycle. Still, that cycle can be broken, and you can walk a happier path.

You Control How You See Yourself

Our opinions about ourselves are drawn from the feedback our surroundings transmit. If we rely too much on that input, we give others the power to control how we view ourselves.

You’ve got to take back that control. Just imagine what might happen if you began crafting new and positive beliefs about yourself. How much more fulfillment would you get out of life?

These tactics can help you take control of your beliefs about yourself:

  • Don’t compare yourself to other people.
  • Challenge negative thoughts about yourself.
  • Give yourself positive feedback.
  • Treat yourself to something you’ll enjoy.

Other People’s Opinions About You Can Be False

We don’t control what other folks see when they look at us. Their perceptions impact their opinions.

Remember that fact when someone projects a trait onto you. Filter their opinion through your perspective. If the trait they suggest sounds false to you, trust yourself.

Grant Yourself Patience

Raising self-esteem doesn’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself. A future where you’ll wake up feeling emotionally lighter and happier is possible.

Make Your Path Easier With Our Modern Treatment

If your personal experience has taught you that changing is too difficult, our unique therapy can help. At three locations in Greater Milwaukee, our expert team provides transcranial magnetic stimulation.

Also called TMS, this therapy is different from other treatments for depression:

  • It is drug-free and covered by insurance.
  • Patients typically notice progress early in the treatment regimen.
  • You’ll finish your regimen within several weeks.
  • This option produces no systemic side effects.

Soon, you could be enjoying a fuller life grounded in higher self-esteem. See if you qualify for TMS therapy from WIN-TMS today!

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