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This Sound Could Finally End Your Treatment Resistant Depression

Sound waves fill our world, and some carry more weight than others. For example, we deeply understand a siren’s alarm-raising pitch, and we immediately pay attention when a baby cries. Now, if the sounds commonly associated with happiness do not lift your spirits and you would like to proactively address that issue, we invite you to discover a new sound.

The Engaging Sound a TMS Machine Makes

Our healthcare practice specializes in transcranial magnetic stimulation. We use the mild pulses from our TMS machines to help resolve treatment resistant depression on an outpatient basis.

The repeating sound made by one of our gentle machines might remind you of a

  • Click
  • Snap
  • Zap
  • Pop

Often, when patients get about halfway through their treatment journeys, they start to notice upbeat sounds returning to their daily lives. A typical treatment regimen is five 20-minute sessions per week for six or eight weeks.

What Could a TMS Machine’s Sound Do for You?

We’re all individuals, so our sound perception varies. Crucially, the sounds you’ll hear during your sessions are created each time our machine generates a pulse. It’s the pulse, not the sound, that treats your TRD.

Whether you hear clicks, zaps or pops when you’re in our TMS chair, your brain will be receiving pulses that can reset its motor cortex. Often, treatment resistant depression results when the motor cortex is running too slow or too fast. Each pulsing sound from our machine helps your motor cortex regain its rhythm.

Is the TMS Experience Shocking?

While you might be, in a sense, shocked by the positive results of your TMS journey, transcranial magnetic stimulation is not a physically painful treatment for most patients. You should expect no discomfort during your sessions.

Our patients tell us the benefits of this increasingly popular treatment far outweigh the rare side effects, which are usually mild and brief.

Does This Sound Like Your Next Move Against Treatment Resistant Depression?

If you are interested in pursuing TMS for persistent depression, contact us at WIN TMS. You will speak with an empathetic person who will take the time to conscientiously answer all of your questions.

Our practices are conveniently located throughout the Milwaukee area, and our treatment is covered by most health insurance providers.

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