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Years of Psoriasis Inflammation Can Fuel Lasting, Treatment-Resistant Depression in Women

Do you enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles? For many patients, depression is a puzzle, but research and modern tools are revealing solutions. If you are a woman with psoriasis and persistent depression, new insight could help you connect your health situation’s unique jigsaw pieces.

The Link Between Long-Term Psoriasis and Depression in Women

Recent study findings offered in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology show an association between current depressive symptoms and systemic inflammation in women with psoriasis.
You may wonder why this link was only found for women:

  1. Systemic inflammation is more common in women.
  2. Hormonal physiology may also play a role.

If these conditions are present in your life, antidepressants may not solve your unique health puzzle.

You can learn more about this study from a summary published earlier this year.

Our World Conditions Us to Act Well When We Don’t Really Feel Well

Often, you may find yourself putting your health needs on a back burner due to messages like these:
Buck up!

  • Get over it!
  • Be strong!

We live in a society that repeatedly teaches us to act well, no matter how we feel. If you experience a long list of comorbidities, acting well may have a lasting impact on your long-term health. Comorbidities are simultaneous medical conditions. For example, you may currently face

  • Psoriasis
  • Systemic inflammation
  • Treatment-resistant depression

Imagine Actually Feeling Better

Our healthcare practice focuses on treating the depression component of your unique situation. Specifically, we offer a modern solution for treatment-resistant depression called TMS.

During TMS, which means transcranial magnetic stimulation, we use a small electromagnet to reset a region in your brain linked to depression. Uniquely, our treatment is

  • Convenient
  • Effective
  • Drug-free

Also, TMS is covered by most health plans.

By solving this side of your health puzzle with TMS, you may boost how you feel. As your overall health improves, imagine how your psoriasis could follow suit.

Learn More About Our Modern Treatment Solution for TRD

Within several weeks, your treatment-resistant depression could be solved. If you have questions about our treatment options, reach out to us today. Our caring team has your answers.

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