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Are You Living Your Best Life Right Now?

Complex lives are the modern norm. But the product of complexity is not always happiness. Let’s take a moment to explore whether you’re happy with your current experience in today’s world.

Nobody Has All the Answers

The idea of living your best life comes from an internet meme, but we are real people, so let’s focus our energy on real life. Aiming for an ideal is generally a positive behavior, but we all should nurture the capacity to accept a good life over a perfect one.

After all, nobody lives a perfect life, and nobody has completely solved life’s questions.

You probably agree that most challenges we encounter in our lives actually have multiple solutions. Often, a question may have a best answer, but other answers to that question are also adequate. And, naturally, the best solution for one person may not be right for another.

A Simpler Life May Be the Best Answer

Since modern life is complex, striving for a simpler existence may be useful. Are you familiar with minimalist lifestyles?

Minimalists reduce friction in their daily lives by limiting their consumption of material items and owning only things that they regularly need. A minimalist might:

  • Choose a bicycle over a car.
  • Use public transportation whenever possible.
  • Buy a small home despite the capability to choose a larger one.

Adopting minimalist practices reduces the clutter that can collect in our physical lives and in our minds. Reducing clutter may help you stay present in the current moment and maximize your personal enjoyment.

Importantly, findings from a study of young adults who chose minimalist options were released in 2023 via Environment, Development and Sustainability. The journal article’s authors conclude, “A minimalist lifestyle gives meaning to what matters in our lives and ultimately guides the whole of our lives.”

Further, the researchers share evidence of minimalism’s benefits:

  • Reducing clutter reduces the time necessary for cleaning and organizing.
  • Concentrating on personal priorities becomes easier.
  • People gain free time, which they can share with loved ones.
  • Enjoying more free time boosts overall health.
  • Cherishing a minimalist lifestyle results in positive emotions and enhanced well-being.

You’ve Got to Forgive Yourself and Others

Whether you practice minimalism or not, developing your capacity for forgiveness will benefit you. “Empirical studies have shown that forgiveness decreases anger, anxiety, and depression and increases self-esteem and hopefulness for the future,” researchers shared in a 2022 Journal of Religion and Health article.

In your own life, you have likely experienced the emotional lightness that can follow after forgiving someone or after being forgiven. Some of us can forgive others, but we can’t offer ourselves similar grace.

If you learn to forgive yourself, you will improve your ability to live in the present and experience personal positivity.

Your Internal Clock Can Play a Role in Your Happiness

We all have an internal clock in our brains called the motor cortex. If your motor cortex keeps inaccurate time, it can be hard to live your preferred life.

When that area of the brain processes input at a suboptimal rate, regulating your feelings may be difficult. In fact, if you have a history of depression, your motor cortex may be the source.

Our Modern Therapy Adjusts Internal Clocks

You may have already tried a wide spectrum of avenues for treating depression. Our modern method of treatment, transcranial magnetic stimulation, is significantly different from its predecessors:

  • With TMS therapy, patients can confidently address depression that is resistant to other treatment methods.
  • For most patients, TMS therapy offers a drug-free path to a happier life.
  • This unique therapy is provided on an outpatient basis.
  • Health insurance covers TMS therapy.
  • Predominantly, TMS patients experience improvement.

At WIN-TMS, we expertly provide TMS therapy to Greater Milwaukee. Visiting one of our three locations is as convenient as seeing a dentist. We offer a comfortable, clean environment where you can read or watch TV during your treatment.

Each TMS session lasts under 30 minutes. Your treatment schedule will span several weeks, and you’ll attend five sessions each week. During each session, our experienced, caring staff will apply a small electromagnet to the portion of your scalp that corresponds with your brain’s motor cortex.

The TMS device will pleasantly click during your sessions, and you can expect few or no side effects. Most patients drive immediately after their sessions.

We invite you to contact us with your questions about TMS therapy through WIN-TMS. Within weeks, you could be enjoying a better, richer life.

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