Your Depression Is Not Your Fault

We are passionate about helping our neighbors at WIN-TMS, so we want you to know something important. Your depression is not your fault. Indeed, modern medicine has proven that vital fact.

Depression Is a Mood Disorder

The National Institute of Mental Health says, “Depression (also known as major depression, major depressive disorder, or clinical depression) is a common but serious mood disorder. It causes severe symptoms that affect how a person feels, thinks, and handles daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, or working.”

Given that information, we can appreciate that depression’s cause is complex. Certainly, depression is not caused by the person who experiences it.

What’s a Mood Disorder?

Human moods are temporary. Moods can also be managed. When a person finds their mood difficult to manage, they may be experiencing the effects of a mood disorder.

According to a Yale School of Medicine fact sheet, “‘Mood disorders’ is an umbrella term that refers to different psychiatric conditions that cause changes to a person’s emotional state, leading to long periods of joy, elation, mania, sadness, and/or depression.”

The online fact sheet also explains the spectrum of mood disorders. Within that detailed explanation, we can discover the following info about a significant mood-disorder segment, depressive disorders:

    • Major depressive disorder, the current term for clinical depression, which is marked by periods of two weeks or longer that feature persistent sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, concentration difficulties, deviations from healthy habits or disinterest in favorite activities
    • Persistent depressive disorder, which involves experiencing mild-to-moderate depression symptoms during more than half the days of a two-year period
    • Seasonal affective disorder, commonly called SAD, a condition that features major depressive disorder’s symptoms during the colder, darker months
    • Disruptive mood dysregulation disorder, which arises in children and adolescents who are frustrated with their circumstances, causing anger and irritability
    • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, which causes depression symptoms during the several days preceding a woman’s menstrual period
    • Postpartum depression, which generates depression symptoms in the several weeks following childbirth

If you find yourself or someone you love exemplified in the list above, we urge you to seek support from empathetic mental healthcare professionals whenever you need it.

Your Depressive Mood Disorder Deserves Empathy

In our society, some folks may blame depression sufferers for feeling depressed. Such blame is unhelpful and misplaced. If you experience depression, your situation deserves thoughtful, knowledgeable, and sincere care.

Can Your Depressive Mood Disorder Be Treated?

Fortunately, a diverse range of treatments exists for depressive mood disorders. At WIN-TMS, we employ transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is a modern, drug-free treatment.

Our TMS treatments boost upbeat feelings through the power of small bursts. Those bursts come from a device that somewhat resembles a tiny MRI machine. Rather than providing brain scans, our handheld electromagnet nudges your motor cortex into a rhythm that supports positive emotions.

Each of us has a motor cortex. It’s located centrally in the human brain. Envision your motor cortex as your mind’s clock. If that clock’s tick gets out of sync with your body’s tempo, you may experience depression symptoms.

How Effective Is TMS Treatment?

If you have struggled to find reliable relief from other depression treatments, you can still look to TMS with hope.

Our mental healthcare practice uses the power of short treatment sessions spread across several weeks to provide positive outcomes:

  • Over 80% of TMS recipients experience improvement.
  • More than 60% reach full remission of their depression symptoms.
  • Patients can comfortably drive their vehicles after our short, painless treatment sessions.

Clearly, TMS therapy is effective. In fact, millions of Americans have happily chosen this 21st-century treatment. In addition to offering reliability, TMS is

  • Covered by insurance
  • An alternative to pharmaceutical drugs
  • Available at our three locations around Milwaukee

Currently, you may be forced to follow a depression’s lead. Weeks from now, you could be the one in charge of your life.

Are You Ready to Treat Your Depressive Mood Disorder?

You deserve to experience life with a headspace that supports your personal happiness. Are you ready to pursue that positive outcome?

Right now, you may have questions. We are here to answer anything you ask. Contact WIN-TMS today. We are great listeners.

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