happy holidays

Happy Holidays From WIN-TMS

As the month winds toward Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we want to take a moment and wish you happiness during this season of merriment and gift-sharing.

Things That Make Us Merry

It’s been a very positive year at WIN-TMS. Through the modern treatment we offer at our Milwaukee-area clinics, we helped many of our neighbors reach better headspaces. That’s worth celebrating this holiday season!

As Christmas morning approaches, these things bring us joy:

  • Sharing holiday greetings with friends and family
  • Looking forward to children opening gifts next week
  • Memories of smiles on people’s faces as their personal journeys became easier due to our treatment this past year

We All Have Gifts to Share With the World

At WIN-TMS, we share our expertise in addressing patients’ treatment resistant depression. Using a modern device that delivers short, painless bursts of energy through a small electromagnet, we reset the brain’s motor cortex. Think of this area of your brain as its clock.

If you reset your brain’s clock, you may go beyond resolving the depression that you might currently feel. You may also feel ready to share your gifts with the world again.

What are your gifts? Do you sing? Do you write poetry? Maybe you can be the life of the party when you aren’t feeling low.

We all should share our gifts with the world.

WIN-TMS can help you share yours again.

You May Be Feeling Disconnected From This Holiday Season

You’ve read this far, so our sentiment today probably connects with you. Still, you may feel disconnected from this year’s merry season. Multiple things can cause that feeling.

Of course, no person is required to care about the holidays, but if you miss caring about Christmas, we hope you’ll talk to us at WIN-TMS.

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