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Is a Happier Mother’s Day Attainable for You?

Today’s message is addressed to you, Mom. If you’re still reading, you’re surely someone’s mother.

Currently, the annual day when our society celebrates moms is quickly approaching. Are you excited about that fact, or are you disinterested in Mother’s Day this year? If your answer is the latter, let’s talk.

What’s the Reason You Aren’t Excited About Mother’s Day?

A mom might feel disinterest about Mother’s Day for a range of reasons:

  • Estrangement
  • Long-time personal preference
  • Grief
  • Feeling constantly overwhelmed
  • Depression

You Deserve Happiness

Ignoring Mother’s Day because you’re happy in life and the day just isn’t a big deal to you is reasonable. Nobody gets to tell another person which holidays to celebrate.

However, avoiding Mother’s Day due to reasons associated with depression is unfortunate. You deserve to be happy about a day that celebrates you. After all, data recently published by Pew Research Center shows that moms clearly earn their special day on the calendar.

How to Look Forward to Days That Celebrate You

Whether the special occasion is Mother’s Day, your birthday or simply Thursday, depression shouldn’t dampen your celebration. Fortunately, there’s a modern, drug-free way to resolve depression, even if other treatments have not worked for you.

We call this option TMS therapy, and we offer it at three locations in Greater Milwaukee.

Wait! What Is TMS Therapy?

That’s the medical profession’s shorthand for transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. At WIN-TMS, we provide this therapy in a setting that’s as comfortable and convenient as a hair salon.

When you visit us, you’ll enjoy watching TV or reading a book while your professional TMS therapist expertly delivers your treatment. Via short, daily sessions over several weeks, our therapy addresses depression that has been previously treatment-resistant.

Choosing TMS therapy has several advantages:

  • This is a painless, drug-free option.
  • Insurance covers TMS therapy.
  • Most patients see improvement of their depression symptoms.
  • More than 60% of patients experience full remission.
  • Due to minimal side effects, patients commonly drive themselves to and from TMS sessions.

To learn more about TMS therapy in the Milwaukee area from WIN-TMS, contact us today. We’ll help you look forward to celebrating special occasions again.

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