As Independence Day Approaches, Are You Pleased With Your Headspace?

Naturally, we enthusiastically celebrate the Fourth of July at WIN TMS. Calmly reflecting on Independence Day certainly makes us think about your personal independence and well-being, too.

Are you looking forward to Independence Day this year, or would you rather sit it out at home? There’s no wrong answer as long as you are currently pleased with your own headspace.

Are You Anxious About This Year’s Fireworks?

Fireworks displays are meant to be joyous celebrations. They often include music, crowds, noise and bright flashes of light in the dark sky.

There’s an array of perfectly valid reasons to feel anxious about the elements present at a fireworks event. If you are suddenly and unexpectedly anxious about this year’s fireworks, your anxiety may be linked to reemerging depression.

Do You Plan to Avoid Big Events This Year?

Likewise, you may find yourself currently uninterested in the approaching July 4th ceremonies around Milwaukee. We understand. Crowds are a mixed bag!

If you usually love big events, you might feel perplexed about your current disinterest. Perhaps, you sense depression trying to grab the wheel within your headspace lately.

Have You Already Drafted an Excuse to Miss a Small Gathering?

Some social circles skip the big events and gather on a friend’s deck, for example. Have you been invited to this type of gathering for Independence Day? You might have mixed feelings about attending.

If your current mindset is the main reason you might stay home, there’s a modern way to change your situation.

Refresh Your Headspace With Us!

At WIN TMS, our core service is transcranial magnetic stimulation. This revolutionary therapy helps our patients address treatment-resistant depression with a high success rate.

During short, daily sessions across several weeks, our expert technicians gently apply a small electromagnet to the section of your cranium that corresponds to your brain’s motor cortex. This highly effective, medication-free treatment resets the brain’s clock, and it is covered by most health insurance programs.

We’re Here to Help You Enjoy Holidays Again!

Once you complete your series of TMS sessions, you can look forward to the next federal holiday, community event or family gathering with a healthier mindset. We are here to help you get there, so connect with us now. We will thoughtfully answer any questions you may have about the professional, empathetic care we provide.

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