Maintain Your Equilibrium

Be Gentle With Yourself to Maintain Your Equilibrium

As September curves toward October each year, we collectively meet the autumnal equinox. This year’s moment arrived during September 23’s wee hours. Equinox means a day of equal light and darkness worldwide. The natural forces that follow an equinox can inspire thoughts of balance or equilibrium.

If recent days have found you considering your personal equilibrium, we encourage you to maintain it via a crucial practice.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Though our planet reliably finds its equilibrium, it sometimes feels like the human world enjoys placing obstacles between us and serenity. Due to that aspect of life, we advise you to be gentle with yourself as you navigate each day.

After all, no day ever goes exactly as anyone plans it. Stuff comes up, always. In those moments, if you’re gentle with yourself, you’ll maintain your equilibrium more easily. You’ll just roll with things.

Once Daily, Put Yourself First

Perhaps you haven’t been making time for yourself lately. We want you to change that trend today. Choose a positive, low-stress activity or pastime, and simply enjoy it.

You could choose the same option daily, or you could create a rotation of several:

  • Meditate.
  • Garden.
  • Read a book.
  • Take a scenic walk.
  • Watch pleasant cooking or DIY remodeling videos.
  • Practice origami.

By doing these, you will give yourself space. In that space, you can slow down, breathe and gently address your equilibrium.

Forgive Yourself

Mistakes are as common as air and water. Some folks just need a reminder. Please forgive yourself for your past mistakes. Let them go. You will feel lighter.

Give Yourself Permission to Seek Assistance When Needed

If treating yourself gently just doesn’t come naturally or if equilibrium seems perpetually out of your reach due to recurrent depression, now may be the time to talk with us about our unique, modern treatment at WIN-TMS. Contact us today. We are waiting to help you find your equilibrium.

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