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Is Meditation or Medication Better for Your Unique Situation?

Currently, you may be wondering whether it’s better to address recurring depression through the practice of meditation or by taking prescription medication. To move you forward in your journey toward lighter and brighter days, let’s contemplate each of these avenues.

Some Useful Details About Meditation

In this century, researchers have studied meditation versus medication for depression. They found that each can produce positive outcomes.

Meditation offers us the potential to reduce our anxiety and stress. Also, meditating does not necessarily involve sitting on the floor and saying a mantra. That wonderful and ancient practice exists among many types of meditation.

In fact, the exact number of meditation varieties depends on which source we choose from a famous search engine. The answers vary widely. One website says more than 50 styles of meditation are possible. Thankfully, you only need to find the form of meditation that clicks for you, so diverse options are good.

Here’s What’s Useful About Medication

Importantly, no form of meditation can stop depression symptoms, but meditating can help you manage mild depression. Prescribed medication offers quick results against more severe symptoms.

If you are currently taking a prescription antidepressant, find comfort in the fact that you are not alone. More than 10% of Americans are prescribed antidepressants from one of these categories:

  • SSRI
  • SNRI
  • TCA
  • MAOI
  • Serotonin modulators
  • Atypical antidepressants

Hopefully, that list of medication categories helps you feel seen. Some of us simply need these prescribed meds for daily stability. When properly used, these medications offer positive impacts.

Is the Right Answer Both?

While you can benefit from either path, meditation or medication, relying on both might be your best option. After all, antidepressants treat your brain, but meditation treats your spirit.

Here’s Another Component to Consider

At WIN TMS, we see the whole person when we look at you, so we specialize in the 21st century’s drug-free way to address treatment resistant depression. Our procedure, transcranial magnetic stimulation, employs a gentle electromagnet that helps your motor cortex reset.

What’s Your Next Step?

To inquire about using our 21st century treatment for recurring depression as your launchpad, contact us today.

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