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The State Fair Is Coming, but Have You Unexpectedly Lost Interest Due to TRD?

As the region’s beloved fair approaches in West Allis, our thoughts turn to anyone who has lost enthusiasm for joining the fun during this year’s fair season. If you have previously loved fairs and you can’t figure out why you aren’t excited to attend, let’s spend a moment on the subject together now.

Maybe You’ve Simply Had Your Fill

Before you let ads for the fair make you feel left out, remember that your attendance is not mandatory. People skip the fair. Some folks never go.

It’s okay to have your fill of the fair. Skipping a year might give you more enthusiasm for it next year.

Maybe Your Recent Disinterest in the Fair Is a Sign of a Bigger Issue

Now, an unexpected lack of interest in the fair is one thing. If your interest in other activities and pastimes has also declined, you may be experiencing an issue that could lead you to broad disenchantment. Obviously, that is a very different concept from merely feeling disinclined about going to the fair.

This Is an Opportunity to Take Stock

Likely, your position requires further reflection:

  • Have you recently experienced new insomnia?
  • Are your favorite activities no longer fun?
  • Lately, are you irritable?
  • Has your weight significantly changed this year?
  • Do you have unexplained chronic pain?
  • Have you previously received treatment for depression?

If those questions connected with you, then you might be experiencing a depression relapse. Importantly, our practice’s therapy can help you reset.

You Could Be a Good Candidate for Our Convenient Therapy

At WIN TMS, we specialize in addressing TRD, which is treatment resistant depression. When coupled with other warning signs, a sudden lack of interest in activities you enjoy could indicate TRD in your life.

Fortunately, our TMS therapy reverses TRD’s effects in most patients.

We Can Help You Recapture Your Love for Fair Season

You don’t have to miss fairs or other events you love. Our therapy helps people enjoy the lives they prefer, and we offer you the same hope. To learn more about WIN TMS and our modern therapy, reach out to us. Our team of compassionate professionals is here to answer your questions.

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